Learning is Everywhere

Learning isEverywhere

Learning isEverywhere

A Community of Learners

Building a Supportive Learning Culture

Learning is everywhere. We might see some parts of our day as being more educational than others, but we believe that we are learning all of the time.
For us, everything is a potential learning experience. Routines, transitions and everyday interactions provide valuable opportunities for learning and relationships.
Training Room Project creates opportunities to be more aware of the potential for learning in everything we do. It’s a place of research, inspiration and aspiration.

Our Journey

Training Room Project in 3 Easy Steps



Training Room Project was launched in November 2012, in Bucharest, Romania, as an ambitious entrepreneurship initiative specialized in designing and delivering learning solutions for corporate clients. We worked with our clients as an integrated part of their processes.



We have developed a formula that works and now Training Room Project is a learning community focused on innovation who offers transformative events and experiences to awaken the best in people and organizations. It’s about discovering new styles of learning.



Our mission is to share knowledge, innovative experiences and best practices that empower you to improve your learning pace and style. Training Room Project is learning without borders. We use strategies to create this type of environment. It’s a natural way to learn and grow.

Why Training Room Project

Research, inspiration and aspiration

The way we, as learning professionals, are working isn’t working. The pace at which current knowledge is turning obsolete and new knowledge is being created is mind-boggling.
Conventional learning methods will not be able to address the need for creating and disseminating new knowledge at a fast pace. We have lost touch with the understanding that learning is a natural process.
Organizations that learn faster than this rate of change are going to survive in the 21st century.
Best-in-class organizations will adopt various other means of learning, including informal and social learning. Organizations that foster a culture of collaboration, sharing and seeking knowledge in an informal setting are apt to learn faster than organizations heavily relying on formal learning strategies.
Training Room Project creates opportunities to be more aware of the potential for learning in everything we do. It’s a place of research, inspiration and aspiration.

Our Partners

World-class Expertise and a Variety of Perspective

Personal Strengths Inc. is the company behind the SDI® and other tools that help people create more effective personal and professional relationships. The Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) is a suite of tools based on Relationship Awareness®, a learning model for understanding the motive behind behaviour. SDI® is a proven, memorable way to manage conflict, improve relationships and enhance leadership skills.

People Alchemy Ltd. was founded in the UK in 1999 to assist organisations in the development of staff and particularly managers. The Alchemy Performance Assistant is a breakthrough support resource that provides day-by-day support on every area of workplace learning. Alchemy Performance Assistant provides practical, down to earth information and actual methods that everyone in your organisation can access right on-the-job, right when they need it.

Human Synergistics is a consulting company that specializes in assessment instruments and team building simulations. The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) helps individuals to strengthen thinking and behavioural styles that promote their effectiveness and moderate styles that prevent them from realizing their potential. The Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) assesses the way in which team members interact with one another.

How To Get Involved

Join the Training Room Project’s journey!

Firstly, you can share with us some of your ideas. We are passionate about: innovative learning, new technologies and future of learning, new ways of personal and organizational development, research in education, social learning and communities of practice, informal learning, creativity, 70:20:10, action learning, neurosciences, brain and behaviour research.
Sounds familiar to you? Grab a cup of coffee and join our conversation today!
You can also join us for our upcoming events that bring together leaders from different organizations, learning professionals and trainers to inspire more purpose, productivity and fulfilment.

We hope you can join us!

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Training Room Project

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